Author Topic: Precautions on a night out in Granada  (Read 3816 times)

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Precautions on a night out in Granada
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:23:39 AM »
I have some friends visiting me at the moment.

Last night they went out "de marcha" and came back home at 9.30am.

In the early part of the evening at about 1am they went to Mae West which is a very popular disco bar in Granada.

A very well built man tried to steal my friends iphone which she was keeping in her bra.

She realised immediately and grabbed hold of his arm and then started biting him to force him to let go. (she is a very feisty German girl who had just been working on a farm) a big struggle ensued. Although the other people dancing nearby offered no assistance my 3 friends caused such a commotion that the security guards came over to investigate.

The first reaction of the mugger thief scum bag was to accuse my friend of trying to steal his phone but of course she knew the access code to the phone and could prove it was hers.

After some insistence the mugger thief scum was thrown out.

So, if you go out drinking (especially if you are foreign looking)

Preferably take out an old phone. (or buy a new one for about 14 euros) Put anything you care about in a well buttoned or zipped pocket. Leave your passport and other important documents at home. Just take out as much money as you need. Don't get so drunk that you don't know what you are doing. Don't hang up a coat with anything valuable in it. There are some scum bags out there trying to take advantage of people out having a good time. Let's make life difficult for them.

This incident didn't ruin their night and afterwards they had a great time. They came back with some fresh cakes from the bakery for out breakfast.

Here is more info about Mae West
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