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Author Topic: Does anyone know how to book tickets for Flamenco?  (Read 15357 times)

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Does anyone know how to book tickets for Flamenco?
« on: July 04, 2009, 08:48:27 AM »
I would be interested in seeing some Flamenco performances when I am in Granada.

Does anybody know how to buy tickets?


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Re: Does anyone know how to book tickets for Flamenco?
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2009, 08:59:05 AM »
If you stay at a hotel there are buses which take you to the caves in Sacromonte just ask at reception.

A bus will come round to your hotel and pick you up.

It is quite touristy, fairly expensive and you may feel like a sausage on a conveyor belt.

It is also possible to just go to the yourself Sacromonte at around 9pm and go to a Tablao.
In the summer and at peak times there are performances every night   
The palce I would recommend in this case is the Canastera.
Info here:

In my opinion it is best to be in a long cave with the audience on chairs at the sides, that way you can get very close to the dancers and the atmosphere is good.

Another place which has a long cave rather than a stage is the Rocio.
Info here

A good alternative to going to a Tablao  is going to a restaurant where Flamenco is performed.
There are nightly performances at the Zoraya Restaurant.
Info here:

I have seen that there is Flamenco and wine tasting etc at the
El sur de Granada Tapas bar/local products shop.
Info here
I haven't been there yet.

Please let us know if it is any good. It is best to phone to see what is on.
958 270245

If you are a flamenco aficcionado the Plateria is supposed to be the best place.
It is a "peña de Flamenco" which is a private Flamenco club.
They have performances open to the public on Friday and Saturday.

Info here
The website does not appear to be very useful but try phoning 958 210650 to see what is on.
I doubt if they speak English.

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