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What to do in Granada / What to do if Alhambra tickets are sold out
« Last post by Steven Wellington on August 30, 2019, 12:42:55 AM »
If you have been online and you have seen that Alhambra tickets are sold out, don't worry.

First of all - Try again now
All the ways of buying tickets in advance appear here on this often updated page.

Why do tickets become available?
First of all most tickets are given to third party operators such as guided tours, hotels etc
These companies release unsold tickets back into general circulation.
Also there are cancellations.

So just go back every day and it is very likely that if you are persistent you will get a ticket.

If you are impatient or you want to buy a ticket now so you can make plans.

Go and buy the Granada card which includes the Alhambra tickets. It makes sense if you are in Granada for a few days and want to visit several monuments. Otherwise get a guided tour.
See full info here

Get a guided tour
If you don't mind paying a little extra just get a guided tour which includes tickets. Just turn up at the meeting point and let other people decide everything. There is an excellent multi provider page here which all the guided tour companies use.
You could have everything booked and sorted within 10 minutes.

Alhambra FAQ
For almost all questions about the Alhambra and getting tickets look here.

Getting to Granada / Alsa versus Alsa premium bus service
« Last post by Steven Wellington on August 29, 2019, 08:28:44 AM »
Comparison of Alsa normal with Alsa Premium.

If you are prepared to pay a bit extra there is a premium bus service on many routes in Spain.

For example there is an  Alsa Premium bus service from Granada to Madrid.

Not all of the buses are premium and if you search using the alsa website  you can normally only find one or two per day.

A normal ticket form Madrid from Granada is around 19 euros.
A premium ticket costs around 48 euros.

It is sometimes possible to find special offers with much lower prices.
Check out the alsa website here.

What do you get for the extra money?
The normal bus gets you a seat and wifi.

With premium you get:

Premium waiting rooms
Baggage control
Special menus
Touch navigation screens with internet
220V power socket and USB plug integrated in the seat
Special assistance for children, the elderly and the disabled (book in advance)
Baby carrier and bottle warmer (book in advance)
Pet room (paid service)
Door to door pick-up service (paid service)
Some buses are faster because it is not necessary to stop for refreshments because they are served on board.

Here is a review

Coach is very comfortable, lots of leg room. Every seat has a TV monitor and we were supplied head phones right away.
The free films were all in Spanish with no subtitles but there was music and games I could use.
After an hour we were given breakfast including coffee. Then 2 hours later we were  offered snacks and cold drink including beer or wine.  WiFi is free and good.

I booked on a special offer day  so it only cost  25 euro.
I though it was worth the extra money.

Miscellaneous / Snakes in Granada Spain
« Last post by Steven Wellington on August 28, 2019, 03:38:54 AM »
This post should answer some of your questions.

Do I have to be worried about snakes in Granada?
What steps must I take to defend myself?

A few poisonous snakes do exist but  it is not likely that you will see one unless you go for a walk in the countryside or you rent a villa type accommodation. Snakes (and all reptiles) are cold blooded animals so that if they get cold they may not be able to run away from you fast enough. A snake in Granada would never attack you but if you trod on one by accident it might try to bite you. For this reason if you move around in long grass or long vegetation it may be a good idea to make noise and stamp you feet a little to warn them that you are coming.   Only about 2 or 3 people die in the whole of Spain each year from snake bites. Many more die from wasp and bee stings.

Are there any dangerous snakes in Granada?
I have lived in the province of Granada since 1988 both in the country and in the city.  In that time I have only seen 3 types of snakes. I have never seen a dangerous snake even though they do exist.

These are the most common snakes I have seen.

Ladder Snake
This snake is totally harmless.  Most of them have two thin lines on their back. Sometimes the lines can be thicker than in the photo and the steps of the ladder are more prominent.

Horse Show Snake
This snake is totally harmless.  The makings are supposed to look like horsehoes but usually they look like a lot of round disks.

Montpellier snake
This snake is actually mildly poisonous but the fangs are deep inside the mouth so it would be almost impossible to get bitten. I found a big green one just over 1 metre long in the garden of a house in Sacromonte Granada. The neighbour scared it off for me. I once drove over one  crossing the road which was sad.

These are the 3 snakes I have seen in 30 years in Spain.

I suppose you should not put your hand into holes if you are collecting firewood but unless you are incredibly unlucky you won't have any problem with snakes.

They are more scared of you than the other way around.


Which German snake can help you see more clearly?
The Vindshield Viper!

Why can’t you trust anything a snake says?
They’re only tales

What to do in Granada / How to buy tickets to see Granada FC
« Last post by Steven Wellington on August 25, 2019, 01:35:42 AM »
Granada football club are in the La Liga Santander for the 2019–20 season.
La Liga is like the English premier league.

They will be playing against all the big teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

If you go to the actual website of GranadaFC it does not seem possible to buy tickets.

However if you go to this website it does seem to be possible.

The home games take place at
Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes, Granada

Here is a street map of the stadium

Here is a map showing where it is with motorway exists etc.

One of the most common question by visitors to Granada is about authentic Flamenco.

What do people actually mean by "authentic"?

There is quite a lot of non authentic flamenco that is excellent.  For example have you ever heard the "Gypsy Kings"  They are actually French not Spanish so I suppose they would fail on being authentic but I am sure that if most people went to a cave in the Sacromonte and by chance happened to get the Gypsy Kings I am sure they would be happy.

So in answering this question I will just try to answer the question that you probably should have asked.

Which is probably:

Can you recommend any flamenco in Granada that is very entertaining, involves virtuoso musicianship, spirited passionate dancing with a good atmosphere which does not make me feel too much like a tourist?


Chien Andalou.  El Soniquete Andaluz   SORRY PERMANENTLY CLOSED

The best easiest place to get this is the Chien Andalou. This is a flamenco bar or Tablao. It has a very convenient location at the start of the River Darro just after Plaza Nueva.   It does not have online booking so it would be a good idea to stroll past there and have a look then either book for the next night or go straight in. It is possible to eat there.

I have not finished writing the answer to this question.  I will continue shortly.

If you just want a quick and easy solution to see flamenco click here.

Miscellaneous / Virtual Tours of the Alhambra.
« Last post by Steven Wellington on July 27, 2019, 01:11:00 AM »
Alhambra Tours

There are several web pages which give virtual tours of the Alhambra
You can see the Alhambra from interesting perspectives.

Court of the Myrtles
This one uses google street view.

A virtual walking tour of the Alhambra
You need flash player installed. You can explore all areas of the Alhambra.

Ineractive map of the Alhambra

Wide angle high up shots of the Alhambra

How to get from the airport to the centre of Granada?
This is one of the most asked questions.

Airport Bus
The cheapest way to get to and from the airport is the airport bus. It only costs 3 euros per person. The buses are normally ready and waiting for when flights arrive. For most people the easiest and cheapest way of getting from the airport to Granada is on the airport bus.

It is slightly more difficult to go from Granada to the airport because you have to get to the right bus stop.  The easiest bus stops to get to are the Cathedral and Triunfo.

Here is a full list of all the bus stops:

Here are the bus times

When you catch a bus for an early flight you must have a plan B in case you have a problem with catching the bus.  It takes 45 minutes to get to the airport by road. You ought to be at the airport 1 hour before the flight leaves. Maybe less if you only have hand luggage. If all goes wrong with the bus get a taxi.

Airport Transfer service
There are dedicated transfer services which will take you from door to door. 
At the time of writing the price is 33 euros.
Click on this link for more info

A taxi to and from the center of Granada should cost around 30 euros.

Only a small amount of taxis can take people from  Granada airport but most people manage to get one without booking and if there are no taxis you can get the airport bus.

To get back to the airport you can just hail a taxi in Granada. The taxis are white and the free ones have a green light.

UBER has recently started in Granada. It is so new that I don't have a lot of information. I have spoken to one person who got an UBER from the airport. We will update when we have more info.

If you want to book a taxi or book a big 6 person taxi or have someone organize a taxi for you then granadainfo can book you one for a fee of 5 euros.
More info:

Taxi Links:

Recommended prices of taxis from the airport to specific destinations. Places Hotels etc.

Basic taxi info

Taxi price calculator

Getting to Granada / Car Hire in Granada
« Last post by Steven Wellington on July 24, 2019, 09:12:56 AM »
I am often asked about Car hire in Granada or to recommend a car hire company.

Which is the best car hire company in Granada?
If you look at reviews on travel website you will see that most companies have a lot of terrible reviews.  One of the most common hire cars you see driving around Granada is Goldcar.  They have absolutely terrible reviews. However all the people I speak to say conflicting things and many people are happy with companies who get bad reviews, so reviews are just too confusing.  Add to this the fact that many hire companies are just brokers who get a commission for organizing the car hire with another company. For this reason I do not recommend anyone.  I would just use a reputable price comparison site like Skyscanner. Just click on the link below.

click on this link

Where can I pick up and return the car?
The most common places are Granada airport, the train station and the Palacio de Congresos. If you drop a car off at the airport you will have to get back into Granada. A taxi will cost 30 euros. The bus costs 4 per person.

Shall  take the car back when I come to Granada or keep it during my stay?
A car in Granada itself is useless because you can walk everywhere and also you will have to pay to park it. The only reason to have a car in Granada is to go on day excursions. For example you can go to the coast, to Cordoba, to the mountains etc.

Should I hire a car to go on excursions or should I get the train or bus?
It is very easy to have a day out at the coast for example to Almuñecar. It takes about 90 minutes. Cordoba is easily doable as an excursion in one day, it takes about 2 hours. In my opinion you are better off going on the bus if you want to go on an excursion to one place. You only need a car if you want to go on a complicated journey.

Can I hire a car in one place and drop it off in another?
Most of the bigger companies allow this.

Things to bear in mind when hiring a car.
Very cheap companies  might try and get more money off you by charging you a lot of money for the petrol that is in the tank when you take the car away. Also, many companies try to make you pay a lot of money for insurance. When leaving the pick up point make sure that any marks or dents on the car have been noted so that you don't become responsible for them.

Some useful Links

Driving times and distances from other cities in Spain to Granada.

General information and advice about driving in Spain

How to drive to the Sierra Nevada

Eating in Granada / Restaurants with views of the Alhambra
« Last post by granadaexpert on July 24, 2019, 03:09:28 AM »
There are many restaurants with views of the Alhambra.

Eating your meal with the Alhambra as a backdrop is very pleasant.

Here is a list:

Mirador de Aixa
Amazing views of the Alhambra.

Mirador de Moraymar
There are great views from the teraza and there is a special sort of look out tower which seats a few people. You would probably have to go there and book it to be certain of getting it.

El Agua
Meat, cheese and chocolate fondues and decent priced wine.

All the ouside bars in Paseo de los Tristes

Ruta de Azafran
You would have to get a window seat to get a good view.

Huerta de Juan Ranas
There is also a cafe bar on the roof, you don't have to have a full meal. There are also 2 other places just under Mirador de San Nicolas which I haven't been to. Just go up to the mirador an look over the wall and you can see a bit of what they are like.

This is the line of bars in Paseo de Los Tristes. Most of the tables have great views of the Alhambra.

What to do in Granada / Questions about Alhambra Tickets.
« Last post by John on July 23, 2019, 06:53:21 AM »
Questions about Alhambra Tickets are the most common question from people coming to Granada.

It is very unlikely that the answer to your question is not in the FAQ about the Alhambra.

If you want to cancel your Alhambra ticket, modify your Alhambra ticket, take your baby to the Alhambra or just about any question the answer is in this link.

In the unlikely event that your question is not already answered then click on the leave message button and someone will find the answer for you.

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