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Almuñecar / Good place to stay in Almuñecar for working from home
« Last post by granadagirl on August 25, 2020, 12:40:33 AM »
My house would be a good place for someone working from home.
In May, June, October, November, December I can off er good long term prices.

My house would be perfect for someone homeworking. Why would someone home work in the north of Europe when you could spend the winter in Almuñecar in a spacious house 500 metres from the beach?

Just get a flight to Malaga or drive down.

If you want to be isolated and safe in a comfortable place with lots of good walks and good weather look no further.
It has a good kitchen with 2 ovens if baking is your thing.

It would be great for a family or a small business with 2 or 3 workers.

It is around the corner from the Almuñecar International School which offers a British type education for children.

Here is the website

I have a lot more info if you are interested.

To avoid paying commission just phone or  whatsapp me on 34 657751442.

I just spent many hours searching internet to find a way of getting a second sim which I can use for a second whatsapp account. If you just want a quick solution where you get a throw away disposable number there are many solutions such as the talkaphone app. This is not a good solution for me because I need a permanent whatsapp sim which won't change.  It is possible to get a permanent number on talkaphone but it is necessary to start paying.

I realised that the talkaphone app would be very useful to visitors to Granada from outside of Europe because it is possible to avoid roaming charges. You get a virtual number in the US UK or Canada which can send and receive SMS messages and as long as you have wifi coverage you can make and receive phone calls.

I did eventually find the solution to the whatsapp problem. There is a Spanish phone company called SIMYO. They will send you a sim card through the post. You have to pay 7 euros for the postage but it comes with 10 euros free credit. You can set it to have no charges so unless you make calls it is free. The only catch is that you must use at least 1 euro of calls every 4 months. The cost of data and calls is very competitive.  If you do buy data the data is not deleted at the end of the month it is "acumulable".

This is a real post: I have no interest in promoting these companies.
For talkaphone go to google play.

Here is simyo.
There is no English version.
You need  LÍNEA MÓVIL SIN CUOTAS 0€/MES Just set the dials to: 0mb 0 min
I have found a really useful search engine which searches trains buses and flights into Granada.

The search results usually shows the trains first.
Click on buses or flights to see other possibilities.

click on this link to use the search box.

The best website for checking up on road conditions is this one.

Very occasionally if a large amount of snow has been forecast the Puerta de la Mora becomes impassable.
There are snow ploughs and it is never blocked for long.
The Puerta de la Mora is a mountain pass at an altitude of 1300 metres on the A92 about 30KM from Granada.
It only affects traffic coming from the east from Valencia, Almeria, Murcia etc. 

The only place where you could get  problems due to snow is in the Alpujarra and the Sierra Nevada.
The best thing to do if you want to drive up to the Sierra Nevada is to look through the live web cams

Here is a link.
The best cam to see the road conditions is the one at the bottom which says

If you are going to the Alpujarra you should look at the link at the  start of the page.

For the best weather forecasts for Granada see this page

It is possible to get cut price tickets to the Alhambra for example for being over 65, being disabled etc.

You will save about 6 euros per ticket but the problem is that if you have a discounted ticket you have to form a queue at the ticket office so that they can verify your identity and check your age or your official proof id disability etc.

The wait in the queue could be around 20 or 30 minutes.

For this reason you should consider if you can be bothered to wait in a queue or if you prefer to just pay the full price and go straight in without waiting at the ticket office.

What to do in Granada / Day Trip to the Alpujarra
« Last post by Steven Wellington on December 12, 2019, 01:57:16 AM »
If you are staying in Granada on of the best places to go for a day trip is the Alpujarra.

The Alpujarra  is the mountainous area on the south side of the Sierra Nevada.
It has amazing scenery, quaint little villages with whitewashed houses, balconies with flowers etc.

For more information about the Alpujarra click on this link.

Day Trip by Car
If you have your own car then you just have to head out of Granada on the motorway going south.  After a short time take the turn off towards Lanjaron.  Lanjaron itself is interesting but most people continue on up to the higher villages. Take a left just before Orgiva and you will be able to get to Pitres, Trevelez, Bubion, Pampaneira, Capileira etc.

Day Trip by Bus
There are buses from  Granada bus station.  Most people would catch the bus to one of the villages, walk around for a bit, take in the atmosphere, go for lunch then get the bus back. You could go to any village but I personally would choose either Pampaneira or Bubion for a bus trip from Granada. They have good views, easy to walk around and have some good restaurants.
To see bus times and prices go to

Commercial Organised day trips to the Alpujarra
The text below  is taken from websites offering  tours. I have not actually done these tours.  They normally cost about 70 euros per person and about 45 for children.

Enjoy a route through the most emblematic towns of the Alpujarra region. Stroll through several villages and discover the whitewashed walls and flower festooned balconies. Duration 7 hours. Starting time 9:00 AM Instant confirmation. Live tour guide in Spanish and English
Click here for more info

To see some photos of the Alpujarra click here

The image below was taken in Bubion.

Nerja / Activities and excursions in Nerja
« Last post by Steven Wellington on December 01, 2019, 10:35:35 AM »
The below is a list of commercial activities and excursions in Nerja.
There are plenty of companies offering excursions, guided tours, visits etc in and around Nerja.
The must do activity for Nerja is a visit to the Caves. If you don't have a car it is no problem because you can go on a guided bus tour to several places for example Frigiliana. 

It is possible to get an all inclusive trip to Granada to see the Alhambra so you don't have to worry about buying tickets, getting buses or parking in Granada.  If you have a head for heights there is a day trip to the Caminito del Rey. You walk around the glass floored walkway in a beautiful gorge.

Some of the tours offered below are from Granada so you should only click on links for activities which start in Nerja.

What to do in Granada / Free walking tours of Granada
« Last post by Steven Wellington on November 25, 2019, 04:11:50 AM »
Free walking tours of Granada are very popular. They could be free if you are very mean and  you don't give a donation.
They could be called voluntary donation tours or crowd sourced tours.  I am sure that a guide working for voluntary donations at the end of a tour  would be quite good because if not they would have to change jobs very quickly.

There is normally a meeting point and if enough people have signed up the walk goes ahead.
If you would like to sign up for a free tour Click Here

Free Walking Tour of Granada
At the indicated time the tour meets in plaza de Bib-Rambla to begin a two hour exploration of Granada, a city with long history both Christian and Muslim, with the sweet smell of incense wafting around every corner and the sounds of flamenco drifting through the streets.

From the "Fountain of the Giants" which can be found in the square, we'll lead you round the Granada Cathedral, the old silk market (or Alcaicería as it was known in the Emirate of Granada) and the Royal Chapel, where the bodies of Spanish Monarchs Isabel I and Ferdinand II still lie.

The tour will immerse you in the very soul of Granada, with its unique atmosphere easy to feel in the streets, squares and buildings with Gothic and renaissance touches. And you'll feel transported back to the time of Muslim rule on our tour around Albaicín with its narrow winding streets dating back to the time of the Nasrid Kingdom.

Our free tour of Granada finally ends in Plaza de Santa Ana.

You Decide the Price
Our guides exclusively work for tips from their guests. At the end of the tour, you can decide the price the service deserves.

Children should come accompanied by an adult, with a maximum ratio of 3 children per adult guest

If you would like to sign up for a free tour Click Here
What to do in Granada / Going for a Hammam bath in Granada.
« Last post by Steven Wellington on November 23, 2019, 09:55:49 AM »
A popular thing to do in Granada is to go for a Hammam Bath.

What does the experience consist of?
You can alternate freely between three Arab baths with different temperatures for 90 minutes. One bath has cold water (18ºC), the other lukewarm water (36ºC), and the third has warm water (40ºC).

Once you have enjoyed dipping into the various pools, you can step inside the steam bath and relax while the aromatic vapors clean your skin. Afterwards you can have a mint tea in the Morroccan tea house  while you enjoy the soothing music and comfortable cushions.

Types of experiences
You can choose  between the following experiences:

Hammam and relaxing massage: Enjoy a 15-minute or 30-minute massage with essential oils, which will leave your skin soft and scented. Your stress will disappear completely.
Hammam, facial + relaxing massage: Revel in a 15-minute facial treatment with a cotton fiber glove (Kessa), a natural red grape soap that becomes creamy when it is applied on the skin and with traditional Hammam hot stones. After exfoliating your skin, you can enjoy a 15-minute or 30-minute massage.

For more information and online booking Click Here

Nerja / What to do in Nerja?
« Last post by Steven Wellington on November 21, 2019, 01:12:16 PM »
Here are some ideas:

Visit the Caves of Nerja - A large underground cave complex with stalactites and stalagmites

Hiking in the mountains around, Nerja. - There are hundreds of interesting hiking trails around Nerja with excellent views.

Going to the beach in Nerja. - Nerja has a small beach.

A stroll along the Balcón de Europa. - This is a long promenade looking out to see.

A trip to Frigiliana. A very attractive whitewashed village just inland from Nerja.

Maro beach. ...

Nerja has a good Indian restaurant which is not very common in Spain.

Visit the little village of  Acebuchal. Needs a car. There are two good restaurants.

For a list of paid (not free) activities, excursions, trips etc 

Click here There are plenty of day trips and other things to do.
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