Author Topic: Is Cadiz a good place to go after Granada?  (Read 2033 times)


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Is Cadiz a good place to go after Granada?
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:54:08 PM »
I am planning to stay in Granada for 5 days and then go to Cadiz for 3 days before going to Morocco on the Ferry.

What is the best way of getting from Granada to Cadiz?

Does anyone know good places to eat and drink in Cadiz?

How do you pronounce Cadiz?


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Re: Is Cadiz a good place to go after Granada?
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2017, 12:03:01 AM »
Yes, Cadiz is an interesting place to visit.
I have been there a few times.

One thing I really like is the Camera Oscura
They get light from a sort of periscope and project it onto the walls.
It is a very good way of looking at the city and spending a while in the old part of town.
Here is a link.

The best way to get to Cadiz (until the engineering works are finished is the bus)

As for Tapas in Cádiz

I asked a friend in Cadiz to give me some restaurant tips (he is a bit of a foody)
Here is what he said.

1)  El Faro  (Calle San Felix) -  best restaurant  in Cádiz (not cheap)....but you can have tapas at the bar. A must!
- make sure they order Tortillitas de camerón and Paté de Cabracho & papas aliñadas - not to be missed!)

2) 100 metres from there is a traditional bodega Bar Manteca (Calle Corralon de los Carros en el bario de la Viña
- on the tourist map but worth having a quick tapa of Chicharorones ESPECIALES or queso añejo with a manzanilla for the atmosphere

3) Mesón Cumbres Mayores (calle Zorilla) - is a good standard tapas bar. Especially good for ham and pork (100s of jamones hanging from the ceiling

4) La Candela (calle Feduchy) – is a relatively new place which was opened by a talented chef. Very Creative tapas and dishes

5) Also new and pretty good is Ultramar & Nos (calle Enrique de las Marinas on the corner of Plaza de Mina

6) For good old fashioned fried fish Bar las Flores (Plaza de las Flores/Pza Topete) is as good as any. Many other alternatives nearby around  (and in) the marke

7) If you go over to Pto Santa María a good place for seafood is el Romerijo...and if they have 175€/head to spare(!!!) - Angel León's restaurante "Aponiente" is an amazing experience. (has 2 michelin stars). Only sea products (experiments with algae and plankton) .

Most English people pronounce the "z" on the end of Cadiz as a Zed as in Quiz.
It is pronounced as a "th"  as in THink

The emphasis is on the "a" so it is CAdiz.

So it should be KA dith

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