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Snakes in Granada Spain
« on: August 28, 2019, 03:38:54 AM »
This post should answer some of your questions.

Do I have to be worried about snakes in Granada?
What steps must I take to defend myself?

A few poisonous snakes do exist but  it is not likely that you will see one unless you go for a walk in the countryside or you rent a villa type accommodation. Snakes (and all reptiles) are cold blooded animals so that if they get cold they may not be able to run away from you fast enough. A snake in Granada would never attack you but if you trod on one by accident it might try to bite you. For this reason if you move around in long grass or long vegetation it may be a good idea to make noise and stamp you feet a little to warn them that you are coming.   Only about 2 or 3 people die in the whole of Spain each year from snake bites. Many more die from wasp and bee stings.

Are there any dangerous snakes in Granada?
I have lived in the province of Granada since 1988 both in the country and in the city.  In that time I have only seen 3 types of snakes. I have never seen a dangerous snake even though they do exist.

These are the most common snakes I have seen.

Ladder Snake
This snake is totally harmless.  Most of them have two thin lines on their back. Sometimes the lines can be thicker than in the photo and the steps of the ladder are more prominent.

Horse Show Snake
This snake is totally harmless.  The makings are supposed to look like horsehoes but usually they look like a lot of round disks.

Montpellier snake
This snake is actually mildly poisonous but the fangs are deep inside the mouth so it would be almost impossible to get bitten. I found a big green one just over 1 metre long in the garden of a house in Sacromonte Granada. The neighbour scared it off for me. I once drove over one  crossing the road which was sad.

These are the 3 snakes I have seen in 30 years in Spain.

I suppose you should not put your hand into holes if you are collecting firewood but unless you are incredibly unlucky you won't have any problem with snakes.

They are more scared of you than the other way around.


Which German snake can help you see more clearly?
The Vindshield Viper!

Why can’t you trust anything a snake says?
They’re only tales

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