Author Topic: Getting to Granada from the UK without flying  (Read 23038 times)


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Getting to Granada from the UK without flying
« on: April 19, 2010, 02:05:24 AM »
It is not clear how long the problem with the volcanic ash cloud is going to last.

Do you have information about alternatives to flying to Granada such as buses, trains, etc.


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Re: Getting to Granada from the UK without flying
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2010, 02:24:19 AM »


It is possible to get a bus from London Victoria - to Granada.
The price is 104 pounds (or euros it is not clear) .
Info here:


The journey consists of the following.

Get a eurostar to Paris

Cross Paris and change stations from Gare de Norde to Austerlitz.
Get on the Paris Madrid sleeper train. 

This is the website of the company who run it.
At the moment they have a special offer of only 71 euros.

Get from Madrid - Granada either by bus or train.

To go by train go to Atocha Station 
This page has the train info

To go by bus go to Méndez Álvaro Station. (it's on the underground)
This page has the bus info

If you don't like the idea of the sleeper train get a fast train to IRUN on the Spanish border and spend the night or a couple of nights in San Sebastian or go via Barcelona.

There is a high speed line from Barcelona to Sevilla.
Spend a couple of nights in Sevilla then get a train to Granada.

You could get a boat from Portsmouth to Bibao

Plymouth - Santander

It is fairly easy to drive from the north coast of Spain to Granada in one day.

I have done this journey several times:

To cut down on the driving you can go to CAEN then go straight down.
To cut down on the ferry price you can go via Dover to Calias or Boloungne.

To get to Calais from Granada you normally need 2 nights in a hotel.

On previous trips
When coming down from Calais I have stayed  just north of Bordeax first night and  near to Burgos on the second night.

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Re: Getting to Granada from the UK without flying
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2010, 02:16:47 PM »
I don't like flying very much.
Last summer I had a very enjoyable car trip to England from Granada on the Santander to Plymouth and Portsmouth to Santander ferries.

We went from Granada to Cordoba then on towards Caceres.
We stayed the night in Caceres which is a  medieval town with a very pleasant old part of town.

The second night we spent in Palencia which has no tourists at all but is an interesting place to spend a few hours.
Most people doing the same trip would choose Burgos but I have been there several times already.

My favourite location was the Picos de Europa which is a very mountainous region in the north of Spain between Leon and Santander.
On the third night we stayed in Potes. After the heat of late July in Andalusia it was great to enjoy the cooler mountain air.
The Picos de Europa would be an excellent location for a walking holiday.

I really enjoyed driving through Spain. It was wonderful not having to fly.
It was more expensive overall but the price comparison was not so bad when you take into account that
I didn't have to hire a car.

When I go to England on Ryanair there is a baggage allowance of 15 kilos. On this trip I was able to take a 5 litre container of best olive oil
and many bottles of wine for all my family and friends.

I think I will do the same next year.

A word of warning.

When you get on the ferry at Santander turn off your mobile phone.

I received 3 calls on the boat, one of them a 15 minute call. When I got the bill I was horrified to discover that I had been charged 165 euros.
I hadn't even made a call !!!!!

The price is so astronomical bacause the call is sent via satellite to iceland so Eurpoean laws about phone charges don't count.