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Car Hire in Granada
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:12:56 AM »
I am often asked about Car hire in Granada or to recommend a car hire company.

Which is the best car hire company in Granada?
If you look at reviews on travel website you will see that most companies have a lot of terrible reviews.  One of the most common hire cars you see driving around Granada is Goldcar.  They have absolutely terrible reviews. However all the people I speak to say conflicting things and many people are happy with companies who get bad reviews, so reviews are just too confusing.  Add to this the fact that many hire companies are just brokers who get a commission for organizing the car hire with another company. For this reason I do not recommend anyone.  I would just use a reputable price comparison site like Skyscanner. Just click on the link below.

Where can I pick up and return the car?
The most common places are Granada airport, the train station and the Palacio de Congresos. If you drop a car off at the airport you will have to get back into Granada. A taxi will cost 30 euros. The bus costs 4 per person.

Shall  take the car back when I come to Granada or keep it during my stay?
A car in Granada itself is useless because you can walk everywhere and also you will have to pay to park it. The only reason to have a car in Granada is to go on day excursions. For example you can go to the coast, to Cordoba, to the mountains etc.

Should I hire a car to go on excursions or should I get the train or bus?
It is very easy to have a day out at the coast for example to Almuñecar. It takes about 90 minutes. Cordoba is easily doable as an excursion in one day, it takes about 2 hours. In my opinion you are better off going on the bus if you want to go on an excursion to one place. You only need a car if you want to go on a complicated journey.
You can see the bus possibilities at https://granadainfo.com/search_travel.htm

Can I hire a car in one place and drop it off in another?
Most of the bigger companies allow this.

Things to bear in mind when hiring a car.
Very cheap companies  might try and get more money off you by charging you a lot of money for the petrol that is in the tank when you take the car away. Also, many companies try to make you pay a lot of money for insurance. When leaving the pick up point make sure that any marks or dents on the car have been noted so that you don't become responsible for them.

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