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Author Topic: Alsa versus Alsa premium bus service  (Read 2754 times)

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Alsa versus Alsa premium bus service
« on: August 29, 2019, 08:28:44 AM »
Comparison of Alsa normal with Alsa Premium.

If you are prepared to pay a bit extra there is a premium bus service on many routes in Spain.

For example there is an  Alsa Premium bus service from Granada to Madrid.

Not all of the buses are premium and if you search using the alsa website  you can normally only find one or two per day.

A normal ticket form Madrid from Granada is around 19 euros.
A premium ticket costs around 48 euros.

It is sometimes possible to find special offers with much lower prices.
Check out the alsa website here.

What do you get for the extra money?
The normal bus gets you a seat and wifi.

With premium you get:

Premium waiting rooms
Baggage control
Special menus
Touch navigation screens with internet
220V power socket and USB plug integrated in the seat
Special assistance for children, the elderly and the disabled (book in advance)
Baby carrier and bottle warmer (book in advance)
Pet room (paid service)
Door to door pick-up service (paid service)
Some buses are faster because it is not necessary to stop for refreshments because they are served on board.

Here is a review

Coach is very comfortable, lots of leg room. Every seat has a TV monitor and we were supplied head phones right away.
The free films were all in Spanish with no subtitles but there was music and games I could use.
After an hour we were given breakfast including coffee. Then 2 hours later we were  offered snacks and cold drink including beer or wine.  WiFi is free and good.

I booked on a special offer day  so it only cost  25 euro.
I though it was worth the extra money.

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