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Parking for 48 hours


We will stay in Granada for 2 nights, but would like to park the car in one of the parking lots close to highway (Neptuno or Mendez Nunez). I see that they have tariff up to 24 hours only. Is it still possible to leave there a car for 48 hours? Thank you!

The best place for you to park is Severa Ochoa.
48 hours would be 36 euros.
They also have a 3 day weekend pass (bono fin de semana) for 36 euros
or a weekly pass (bono semanal) for 46 euros.

There is more info here.

It is not far from Mendez Nuñez.

The only cheaper place for 48 hours is Ave Maria in Realejo.
48 hours would be 21 euros.
It would peobably only be a good idea if you are stay reasonanly close.

There is more info here.


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