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Getting from the Airport by taxi
« on: April 21, 2013, 11:15:04 PM »
I am trying to work out how best to get from Granada airport to San Miguel Bajo in the Albayzin.  We are travelling widely before arriving in Granada, so we shall each have a full-size suitcase.  Our flight arrives at 16.55.

It seems to me that I have two choices:
Either the airport bus or a taxi.

It says on the  site that the airport bus, which runs in relation to flights, leaves only five minutes between landing and the bus leaving - is that enough time to catch it?

Is it too difficult with three people and three suitcases to get the airport bus to the Gran Via bus stop, and then get a 31 minibus or find a taxi  close by to bring us to San Miguel Bajo?

Alternatively, if we have to get a taxi all the way from the airport, how much would that cost, and would it be much quicker than the bus option? 


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Re: Getting from the Airport by taxi
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The price of a taxi to San Miguel Bajo in the Albayzin should be 30-32€.
As in all walks of life there are a minority of bad people who will overcharge you.
There seems to be little effort to discipline the bad taxi drivers who give the majority of good ones a bad name.
For this reason I advise you to look at this page about avoiding getting ripped off by taxi drivers.
This journey should take about 35 minutes.

It is possible to get an airport transfer. The driver will meet you off the plane with a placard with your name on it and then take you to your destination anywhere in Granada. The cheapest option is 34 euros for 2 people with 2 pieces of luggage. Larger groups with a minibus etc. are possible.  This may be a very good idea if you are a group of more than 4.
Click here for more info.
This journey should take about 35 minutes.

If you take this option the price of the bus is 3 euros per person.
A trip on the 31 bus is 1.20 euros.  So this option will cost 12.60 euros.

It could be a little taxing getting 3 suitcases onto the bus and off again.
If you are worried about this then get off the airport bus at Jardines de Triunfo
where there is a taxi rank and get into a taxi.  There is a taxi rank next to the big pole with a Spanish flag on top.

You can see the aiport bus stops on this page.

If you get off the plane and go straight to the bus there should be no problem with missing it.
When you go out of the arrival area where you pick up the suitcases just turn right and go out of the door at the end.
You should see the bus waiting.

This journey should take about 50 minutes.

Other usful links

Airport Bus times

The C1 C2 C3 C4 bus route

Guide to San Miguel Bajo

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Re: Getting from the Airport by taxi
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When I was in Granada I reserved my taxi transfer in Epictransfers - Granada. Very very recommend. Fast, good rates and online bookings.
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