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Author Topic: How to get from the airport to the centre of Granada?  (Read 19964 times)

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How to get from the airport to the centre of Granada?
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:36:16 AM »
How to get from the airport to the centre of Granada?
This is one of the most asked questions.

Airport Bus
The cheapest way to get to and from the airport is the airport bus. It only costs 3 euros per person. The buses are normally ready and waiting for when flights arrive. For most people the easiest and cheapest way of getting from the airport to Granada is on the airport bus.

It is slightly more difficult to go from Granada to the airport because you have to get to the right bus stop.  The easiest bus stops to get to are the Cathedral and Triunfo.

Here is a full list of all the bus stops:

Here are the bus times

When you catch a bus for an early flight you must have a plan B in case you have a problem with catching the bus.  It takes 45 minutes to get to the airport by road. You ought to be at the airport 1 hour before the flight leaves. Maybe less if you only have hand luggage. If all goes wrong with the bus get a taxi.

Airport Transfer service
There are dedicated transfer services which will take you from door to door. 
At the time of writing the price is 33 euros.
Click on this link for more info

A taxi to and from the center of Granada should cost around 30 euros.

Only a small amount of taxis can take people from  Granada airport but most people manage to get one without booking and if there are no taxis you can get the airport bus.

To get back to the airport you can just hail a taxi in Granada. The taxis are white and the free ones have a green light.

UBER has recently started in Granada. It is so new that I don't have a lot of information. I have spoken to one person who got an UBER from the airport. We will update when we have more info.

If you want to book a taxi or book a big 6 person taxi or have someone organize a taxi for you then granadainfo can book you one for a fee of 5 euros.
More info:

Taxi Links:

Recommended prices of taxis from the airport to specific destinations. Places Hotels etc.

Basic taxi info

Taxi price calculator

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