Author Topic: Christmas meal on the night of the 24th December?  (Read 10250 times)


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Christmas meal on the night of the 24th December?
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:01:00 PM »
We have booked the Casa Nicolas apartment in the Albayzin 23/29 December.  We would like to have a Christmas meal on the night of the 24th December and are wondering if you have any suggestions where we could go?  We would like to have something as "Spanish" as possible - perhaps there is a restaurant that provides a Christmas meal?  Or do you have any other suggestions for us to experience a Christmas that is as "Spanish" as possible.  Thank you.
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Steven Wellington

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Re: Christmas meal on the night of the 24th December?
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First of all if you are interested in Spanish and Christmas there is a list of vocabulary here which may help you to understand some of the things going on in Spain at this time of year.

Unfortunately the 24th of December is possibly the worst night of the whole year for going to a Spanish restaurant.
Spanish people eat together with their family on the evening of the 24th Dec.
Therefore almost all restaurants are closed.

You may find some Morrocan restaurants open but even they may close.
Here is a Morrocan (they don't serve alcohol here)

Chinese restaurants are probably open.
A good chinese restaurant is the Leones

Make sure that you have bought enough food so that if you can't find
anything open at least you can eat.
Everything will be very quiet in the street between about 8pm and 12
pm on the 24th.

The 25th is different you will find most restaurants open.

To be really Spanish have a look at some of the Belens (bethlehem scenes)

Try some Spanish sweets such as polvorones mantecados and turron

Granadainfo have a page with info about nearby things to Casa Nicolas.

If you click here it will show you all places with 1000 metres of your accommodation

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