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Any restaurants that serve English type food please?


I am staying overnight in Granada with my parents on our way to our village house and I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere that we can get an english style evening meal as my dad (78) has a stomach problem which means no spicy or rich food. We are staying at Los Jeronimos but will have a car so travelling is not too much of a problem. Altenatively is there a supermarket - Lidl or similar- that would be open late so we could buy some food for him - bless him !!!

Thanks in advance   Angela

Granada does not have any English type restaurants like on the coast.

The best place to go is the Casa Lopez Correa

See website here.

It is a small restaurant run by an Englishwoman called Sue.

She is an excellent cook, she normally does Italian food but I am sure she will  be able to make you something suitable for your father although I doubt if she can do meat and 2 veg. She does excellent Sunday dinners on Sunday.

There is a back room of the restaurant which is much quieter than the front part which would be the best place.

I advise you to phone her just to make sure she is open on the night you are coming.

If you go to the web site you can print a map of where it is and get the phone number.

There are lots of big supermarkets on the outskirts of Granada which are open till 10PM Monday - Saturday
If you come into Granada on the ringroad at junction 131 you will first see a big Carrefour Hypermarket and a bit further on a Lidl.

If it is after 10pm you will need a 24 hour shop.
See info here


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