Author Topic: What are the best places in Almuñecar?  (Read 15013 times)


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What are the best places in Almuñecar?
« on: June 12, 2010, 03:52:17 AM »
I would like to know what you think are the best places in Almuñecar.
For example Italian, chinese restaurants etc.

Steven Wellington

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Re: What are the best places in Almuñecar?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2010, 06:22:27 AM »

Restaurante Dante
Paseo de Cotobro, Edef. Los Ramos, 7, 18690
697 864 385?
By far the best Italian restaurant in Granada.
True Italian cuisine cooked by the Italian chef and owner Giro Guarracino.
Great food, service and Italian ambiance
More info

Nuova Sardegna
Paseo de las Flores, 2
Almunecar, GRANADA 18690
Telephone:    958 881 094

It's just down the road from the  white cross.
I've only eaten here once but it was very good.

Da Nicola
Av Europa, 28
Almunecar, GRANADA 18690
Telephone:    958 633 104

Da Nicola has a good location opposite the Majuelo park and there is a pleasant area for sitting outside.
Don't be frightened to complain if there is any problem. One time I was served with some wine that had been in a half-opened bottle for some time but it was replaced with no problem.


Cocina Asiatica Sheng

Calle Larache, 1
Almunecar, GRANADA 18690
Telephone:    958882013

Most chinese restaurants in Spain are very similar.
This one is a good one but the other Chinese restaurants are also good.


El Rinconcillo de J.R.
Paseo de la China 4, 18690 Almuñecar
958 88 12 51

Good quality menu del dia at about 10 euros.  Friendly waiters with good sense of humour.
Good medium priced menu. This place is very popular with French people. My theory is because most of the dishes come with a
rich sauce like in French cuisine

El Arbol Blanco
Av de la Costa del Sol
Almunecar, GRANADA 18690
Telephone:    958 631 629

Many people say this is the best restaurant in Almuñecar.
Excellent steak and Lamb dishes.
The also do a cheap menu del dia and a 14 euro set menu in the evening.

Jesus y Lute
Av Europa
Almuñecar, GRANADA
About 250 metres up from the Majuelo park.
Really good raciones (portions) of fried fish with pleasant outside seating, friendly waiters and low prices

La Yerbabuena
Av Europa
Almuñecar, GRANADA
About 200 metres up from the Majuelo park.
Owner come from the same family as Jesus y Lute.
Good food at medium prices. Has live Flamenco on Fridays.


El Chaleco

Av Costa del Sol, 37
Almunecar, GRANADA 18690
Telephone:    958 632 402

I think this is the only French restaurant in Almuñecar.
They have a very simple menu system.
A 3 course meals costs about 22 euros. 



Calle de Livry-Gargan, 6
Almunecar, GRANADA 18690
Telephone:    958 882 665

The only Indian restaurant in Almuñecar.
I have been three times. I was very happy on two occasions.

British style drinking bars

The Bar with no name
El bar sin nombre.

Andres Muller No 4
Almunecar, Granada 18690
Telephone:    606728887

Has a pool table.
Pool competitions on Saturday night.
Mainly English speaking clientèle. Sky sports.
Shows most big football matches and all Birmingham City matches.
Now has beer garden with big screens.
Does English Sunday dinners on Sunday.
Run by Rob from Birmingham and Spanish wife Dori.
Dori gives Spanish classes.

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