Author Topic: Almuñecar - Semana Santa and more Parking questions  (Read 10657 times)


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Almuñecar - Semana Santa and more Parking questions
« on: January 08, 2011, 01:04:17 PM »
A couple of questions.  

1) We will be in Almunecar during Easter week this April - and are not familiar with local practices.  Can anyone give us an idea re: what services will be available that week?  For instance, will stores be closed -- or have reduced hours, etc.?  Will the Friday market take place that week?  We assume that most restaurants will be open?

2)  A little more detail regarding parking.  I read the thread related to the blue-marked parking areas in town and I understand these are pay parking areas -- and that there is an area of free parking at the entrance to town.  On Google street view, it appears that there are some white-marked areas (also with blue P signs) on (for instance) lower Avenida de Europa.  Would those white-marked areas be "free" parking?
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Re: Almuñecar - Semana Santa and more Parking questions
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I'm not sure about the Friday market  and whether it will be held on the Friday
but most shops will be closed on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
Restaurants and bars will be open as usual.

In the last year or so, lots more blue parking areas have been added and the streets
in the centre of Almuñécar are now almost all blue parking areas controlled by the
parking meters. The photos on google earth/street view were taken in August 2008
and so are not that up-to-date.  The area where the Friday market still has free parking
(except when the market is held) and so do the areas around
the sports pavillion. When you pass through Almuñecar there is a sort of tree lined boulevard
with an arc de triunf at the end, all that area has free parking.
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