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How to pronounce Almuñécar
« on: January 11, 2011, 04:37:09 AM »
If you don't know any Spanish you probably don't know how to pronounce Almuñécar

Try saying it like this:

Al - moon - yeck - ahh (with the stress on yeck)

Some notes:

The Spanish ñ is pronpounced like the first  n in the English onion
This is not especially difficult for native English speakers.

You probably already know words like:
Mañana - Tomorrow.
Feliz año nueva - Happy new year.

What is the origin of the name Almuñécar?

Muñeca means doll  or wrist but that is not the origin.

It comes from "Hins-al-Monacar" which means surrounded by mountains in Arabic.

(Almuñécar was ruled by the Arabs between 755 and 1492)

Previous to the Arabs the Roman name for Almuñécar was Sexi.

The inhabitants of Almuñécar are still known as sexitanos.

So the English name  for Almuñécar could be Sexytown!!

I am digressing:

The other thing you will see in Almuñécar is the accented é.

This tells us that the word has an irregular syllable stress.
(RULE - Spanish Words ending in a consonant (not including n and s) are stressed on the final syllable)

If Almuñécar did not have the accented é the accent would be on the final syllable
and it would be pronounced

Al - moon - ye - car (with the stress on car)

If you are interested in how the accents are used in Spanish there is a good explanation here.

This page has more info on Spanish pronunciation.