Author Topic: Good places to go out in Almuñecar  (Read 16636 times)


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Good places to go out in Almuñecar
« on: December 30, 2009, 08:47:58 AM »
My wife and I are staying in a rented apartment in Almuñecar from January until March in order to escape the British weather.
Since we have been here it has rained everyday :-(((
However I am told that this is very unusual.

We have a pleasant apartment in Las Gondolas.

Can anyone give us any tips about good places to eat or go out?
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Re: Good places to go out in Almuñecar
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 09:25:29 AM »
I'm not actually an expert on Almuñecar because I don't live there but I'll do my best.

Bar Pepe
You have a very good menu del dia restaurant on your doorstep at las Gondolas.
BTW: Las Gondolas are the two very big apartment buildings next to the bridge over the River Verde on the seafront.
I think it is called bar Pepe.
For about 10 euros you can have a 3 course menu del dia either inside or outside Monday - Friday

Restaurante La China
Paseo de Cotobro
18690 Almuñécar
Teléfono: 958 63 48 56

To get to this bar just walk along the seafront in the direction of Playa Cotobro until you get to it.
I've only been to this bar once, before I got to the bar it seemed that all the restaurants had almost nobody in them and it was a very quiet night. When I got to the Restaurante La China I discovered the real reason. The Restaurante La China had captured the entire market by having massive free good quality tapas. How do they make a profit? All the other restaurants must hate them. I had 3 beers each accompanied by a massive tapa. Meat balls, a large tortilla (Spanish omelette) and a mousaka in a big pan. My wife had decent red wine. It cost 12 euros I was so full I counld eat anymore and had to abandon my plans to go to a restaurant.

Chinese Restaurants
Most people in Almuñecar prefer either the Asiatica or the one next to it Called the Asia.
They are near to Lidl on the main road at the top of Almuñecar.
There are many Chinese restaurants in Almuñecar and most of them are almost all the same with the same prices and menu.
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Steven Wellington

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Re: Good places to go out in Almuñecar
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2009, 09:56:56 AM »
Most of the bars for English people have closed down.
Maybe due to the fact that 25% of the British residents of Almuñecar have left.
The figure went down from over 900 to around 700

The bar with no name has closed and the Ragged Rock closed in 2011.
Andrew the previous owner of the Ragged Rock died in December 2011 in Liverpool of a heart attack.
Andrew Jones RIP (rise if possible)

This is a photo of the Ragged Rock in its heyday on a Saturday night. Alas it is now closed.

I have been told that there is Live music at the Mississppi Irish pub and every Thursday there is a Jam session with open mike.

Another place with live music is the Jabeque.

There is Danny's Bar
On the Velilla Beach area.
They do English food, live music. British beer.
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Susan Wells

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Re: Good places to go out in Almuñecar
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2010, 10:13:06 AM »
There is a place called "Los Bajos" which are underneath the Paseo del Altillo.
There is a whole line of bars and disco pubs mainly aimed at the under 30's.
Loud music.
There are lots of people there at weekends.

Last night I went to a bar called las Cuevas.
They have a Kareoke.
It was my first time in a Kareoke bar.
As it was mid-week there weren't many people. 

I didn't get home until 6am.
It was a good night.
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