Author Topic: British products in Almuñecar  (Read 14628 times)


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British products in Almuñecar
« on: December 30, 2009, 07:23:47 AM »
I would like to know where to buy pork pies, marmite, branston pickle, cumberland sausuages, oxo cubes, gravy browning, icing suagr, caster sugar, brown sauce, lurpak butter, smoked makerel, crumpets, scotch eggs, mint sauce,  Bird's Custard, English bread, cornish pasties and other typical English products.  
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Steven Wellington

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Re: British products in Almuñecar
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Almuñecar has several places which sell British products.

The biggest selection by far is the  Spar Supermarket in Calle Bikini.
(not far from the big white cross)
Tel: 626 467 655
Open Mon - Sat - 9am - 8pm  Sun 10am -4pm

There is another one called Olivares next to the Mercadona supermarket.
As well as English products Olivares also has a lot of German and Scandinavian products.

Calle Mariana Pineda (next to Mercadona Supermarket)
958 63 00 07  

Opposite Solbank
Open Mon - Fri - 10am - 6pm  Sat 10am -5pm    Sun 11am -3pm.

Not many places do English bread except Supersol Supermarket in Salobreña which has a lot of British products.

For English books go to Delfin books
Avenida Juan Carlos.

Although if you have an address you can have English books sent out from Amazon and they only take about 5 days to arrive.
For example

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