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Estate Agents in Granada - Advice on buying a house in Granada.


Last October I spent a month studying Spanish  in Granada and I really liked it.
I have recently come into some money from an inheritance.

I have lived all my life in the UK but I hate the weather.

The idea of Brexit frightens me and I believe that the UK is heading to a bad place.
There does not seem much of a problem right now but within 10 years I can see the UK
becoming  very unhappy and conflictive.

It has crossed my mind that now would be a good time to jump ship.
I have thought about living and retiring in cheap countries such as Ecuador or
Panama but the lack of a decent health service would be a problem if I fall ill.
Plus they are very far away from the UK where I have many friends.

If I moved to Spain and became a resident would I be able to get a Spanish passport and become Spanish
if I pay all my taxes.

The first thing I want to do is to buy a house in Granada.
Does anyone have any advice on this?
Is it best to use an estate agent?
Which estate agents are the best etc.



Here is a list of estate agents in Granada.
By the way:  A friend of mine is selling a house.
Here is a link.

The most important thing to remember about estate agents is to not greatly trust whatever  they say.
They just want to get a sale and they will never be held responsible for anything they say.

Inmobiliaria CG de Granada
Calle Recogidas, 19, Local D (junto Duo peluqueros)
958 56 09 67

Inmobiliaria Kinver Granada
Calle Emperatriz Eugenia, 16
958 27 89 65

Grupo Torres Inmobiliaria
Calle San Juan de Dios, 35
958 20 85 07

Century 21
Calle San Antón, 47
958 26 53 63

Granada Selección Inmobiliaria
Calle Recogidas, 19
958 52 36 95

Agencia Inmobiliaria Solo Alquileres Granada 2
C/Emperatriz Eugenia nº19
958 96 21 60

Si soluciones inmobiliarias
Camino de Ronda, 140
958 29 23 17

Inmobiliaria Centro
Calle Reyes Católicos, 17,2ºA
622 41 48 88

Inmobiliaria Violon Alminares
Calle Poeta Manuel Gongora, 5
958 13 21 33

Inmobiliarias en Granada - Unicasa Home Granada
Camino de Ronda, 92
958 52 28 80

Inmobiliaria Violon
C/Reyes Católicos, 24 · 1º Derecha
958 22 28 29

Grecco Gestion Inmobiliaria
Calle Recogidas núm. 31- 1º F
958 52 37 73

Inmobiliaria Pérez Villena
Calle Torre de los Picos, 9
958 13 99 61

Inmobiliaria Kabuki
Calle Carril del Picón
958 91 01 18

SG Inmobiliaria
Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 10
958 22 54 77

Inmobiliaria Luna De Granada Sociedad Limitada
Calle Méndez Núñez, 7
958 20 10 10

Calle Párraga, 1 RECOGIDAS 4
958 21 02 91

Fj Ruiz Gestión Inmobiliaria
Paseo del Violón, 15
958 18 33 21

Soluciones Inmobiliarias
Av. de Andalucía, 83
958 28 01 07


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