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Free hiking and walking groups around Granada. (senderismo)
« on: January 19, 2014, 03:32:24 AM »
I am often asked about walking groups around Granada.
Here is a list of non commercial free walking groups.

If you want professional guided walking tours there is a list here

Granada is a wonderful province for walking especially in the winter when most days are sunny and cool enough. After May it gets too hot unless you walk high up in the mountains. Here are the ones I know about. There are commercial walking tours but the ones ones I mention below are all free.

DESPUES DE LA CURVA (after the curve)
Facebook page
The leader of this group is Mike who is English. They go for walks about every 3 weeks.
Some friends of mine went out with them. There is a pleasant mix of many nationalities.


A Spanish group who organise senderismo (walking) on Sundays and other cultural activities.

The website is very confusing and you might have to phone.

They normally meet at EL CUBO which is a big white building in the south of Granada.

There are lots of very interesting locations for walking around Granada.

El Cubo de Caja Granada Avenida de la Ciencia, 2, esquina con Avenida Fernando de los Rios

You can get a 4 or a 5 bus. There are normally spaces in cars. Passengers give the drivers a donation for petrol.


Based around the Lecrin Valley which is half way between Granada and the coast.

The majority are English speakers. Either English or northern European.

Every month they split into 2 groups with one difficult and one easy walk.

Someone said that they don't welcome just casual people joing for one walk, but ask, they probably won't say no.


Facebook page

The majority are English speakers. Either English or northern European.

They walk every Sunday and Wednesday between November and May.

Most of the walks are around 15km and are within about 20km from Almuñecar.

There is almost always space in someone's car. Ask someone if you need a lift.
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