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Flamenco not for tourists
« on: May 07, 2010, 03:24:55 AM »
I'd quite like to see some flamenco but I don't want to go to flamenco for tourists and get picked up on a bus.

I would like something more authenitic.

Don't local artists perform in bars or something?

Steven Wellington

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Re: Flamenco not for tourists
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2010, 03:55:36 AM »
If you are an aficionado of Flamenco you probably won't like the tourist Flamenco business that happens in the Flamenco Tablaos in the Sacromonte.  A minbus bus goes round the hotels and picks up the tourists. (They tell you that the Sacromonte is dangerous so that you don't just go there by yourself.)  Then you are herded into a cave with a load of other tourists.  

It's all too obvious that you are just a sausuage in a money making factory.
It would be like going to see Flamenco with a group of your grandmother's friends on a women's institute meeting.
There is nothing wrong with that but don't expect much "duende".

What you are probably looking for is something more authentic.

I am not a massive flamenco fan but I have spent many great evenings in the Sacromonte. There are some cave bars when flamenco aficionados go, someone brings a guitar and people dance, it's all improvised. You can't guarantee that it will happen. Many of the bars only open for a few months then close down and then change their name. In the Sacromonte it is more likely at the weekend. This is a bit hit and miss so it is maybe better to do this if you are in Granada for a while.

There is a bar near Plaza Nueva called the Chien Andalou which has nightly performances mainly of Flamenco.
See info.

There are a lot of Flamenco performances at the Eshavira in the Calle Elvira.
I have seen some very good Jazz and Flamenco there.
See info.

Supposedly the best place is the Plateria which is a peña.
A peña is a private club. At the weekends they have performances
and it is possible to eat and watch a live performance.
I have never been there.
The website sometimes has the lastest performances.

Look in one of the local newspapers such as the ideal or La opinion de Granada
they often have info about Flamenco performances in the next few days.

A place which is half way between tourist and authentic is the Zoraya.
It is a restaurant with Flamenco performances every evening.

See info


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