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Getting to Granada / Re: Getting a taxi from Malaga Airport to Granada.
« Last post by Steven Wellington on October 16, 2017, 11:04:22 AM »
If you just go to the taxi rank in Malaga airport a normal taxi will take you for about 160 euros.
It is wise to agree the price before you set off.

A less stressful but more expesive alternative is to book a taxi / chauffeur online.
There will be someone holding up a sign when you get of the plane, and they will take you to your destination.
There are several companies offering this service.

One of them is taxi2airport.

Click here to see the webpage

Getting to Granada / Getting a taxi from Malaga Airport to Granada.
« Last post by Ashley on October 16, 2017, 10:52:59 AM »
My flight is arriving in Malaga at 9.30pm
I am travelling with my mother who does not walk very well.

If it possible to book a taxi from Malaga airport to our hotel in Granada? 
This is a very common question.

In my opinion it is best to buy a ticket to Granada from Malaga in advance.
It makes things easier if you aready have the ticket and it is one less thing to worry about on arrival.

To buy tickets online go to
If you miss a bus they normally let you onto the next bus without paying again as long as you have a ticket.

Shuttle bus from Malaga Airport to Malaga City Centre
It is easy to get to Malaga bus station. There is a shuttle bus from Malaga Airport to Malaga City Centre, there are 10 bus stops along the way.  The total journey time is around 15 – 25 minutes. It costs just about 3€ and you can pay the driver direct. The bus station stop is  Estación de Autobuses (Maria Zambrano). There is a bus around every 20 – 25 minutes from 7am until midnight from the airport. 

Alsa Bus has a bus every hour from Malaga Bus Station  to Granada untiI 20:00h.

There are many more buses from Malaga Bus station than from the airport.

Getting to Granada / Is it best to buy bus tickets from Malaga to Granada in advance?
« Last post by Ashley on September 12, 2017, 06:50:36 AM »
I am coming into Malaga airport at around 3pm on an Easyjet flight.
I have been told that the best way to get to Granada is by bus.

Is it possible to get a bus from the airport to Granada or do I have to go to Malaga bus station.

Is it best to book in advance or to buy the ticket when I arrive. 
Miscellaneous / Re: How to Recycle Rubbish in Granada
« Last post by Steven Wellington on September 03, 2017, 03:11:14 AM »
Blue is Paper.
On the side they say "Tu papel es importante"
This is clever because "papel" means both paper and role.
So it means "your role/paper is important".

Green  is Glass.
Don't put any ceramics in here.

Yellow  is containers.
This is the most confusing and a category not found in other countries.
It is plastics, aluminium and metal. So:
tins, cans,  Tetra-Brik, plastic bottles, plastic bags etc.

Grey  is general waste.
Anything that won't fit in any of the above.

I doubt if you will need it but there sometimes are other containers.

For example:

    Aceites – Oils
    Ropa – Clothing
    Zapatos – Shoes
    Pilas – Batteries

The above just a basic guide.
If you want to throw away more complicated items you would have to go to the recycling centre.

Here is the address .

Recycling Centre - Punto Limpio Granada

Polígono El Florío,
Open: Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 20:00.
Sunday from 09:00 to 15:00.

Phone: 958 80 69 89

Miscellaneous / How to Recycle Rubbish in Granada
« Last post by Ashley on September 03, 2017, 02:48:17 AM »
I am staying in an apartment in Granada.

There is a place down the road which has several containers of different colours.
I don't understand which rubbish I can put in each container.

Can anyone help?
Eating in Granada / The minimum amount of Spanish to get something to eat.
« Last post by John on July 08, 2017, 09:42:28 AM »
I am writing this because many people who visit me know no Spanish and no nothing about Spain.
Unless I go with them they end up ordering the wrong thing and not getting what they want.

If you go to a village it is likely that nobody speaks any English.

This text is the absolute minimum you need.
You can even get this post up on your smartphone and point to things.

Let's say you want to go to a bar and have some drinks and something to eat.

You sit down at a table:
The waiter will probably come over and says.
¿que quiere beber?
¿que quiere tomar?
¿para beber?
or something similar.

He is probably saying.
What would you like to drink?
The waiter will almost always ask what you want to drink first.

Here is some help ordering a drink:

Cerveza - Beer - pronounced THER - VAY- THA
Beer normally comes in 2 sizes.
Una Caña (25cl)  prounced OONA CANYA
Un tubo (33cl) prounced OON TOOBO 

Vino - Wine - pronounced BEE NO
Normally comes in
Tinto - Red - pronounced TIN TOE
Blanco - White pronounced BLAN KOE

Let put this into a dialogue:

Camarero: ¿que quiere tomar?
Person 1:  Un vino tinto
Person 2:  Una cerveza or Un tubo de cerveza

When the Camerero brings your drinks he might bring you a free tapa.
The is very common in the province of Granada.
If you are not very hungry the tapas might be enough food.

If you are more hungry then you could ask for:
Una racion - pronounced OONA RATH EE ON
Un plato combinado - pronounced OON PLAT O KOMBIN ARDO
Menu del dia  - pronounced MEN OO DEL DEE A

Una Racion is a plate of food - The average person could probably eat 1  2 or maybe 3 to themselves
depending on the appetite and the size of them. (Look at other tables to see how big they are)
If you are with a few people you can order several raciones and share them. They will bring out some forks.

Un plato combinado -  is a plate of food which contains several ingredients.
For example:
Patatas Fritas - pronounced PA TA TAS FREET ASS - Chips
Huevos Fritos -  pronounced WAY VOS FRI TOSS - Fried eggs
Chorizo - pronounced CHO REE THO - Spanish spicy sausuage
Morcilla - pronounced MORE THEE YA  - Spanish black pudding

Menu del dia - Is a fixed menu meal with 3 courses.
It normally costs between 9 and 12 euros.
It is beyond the scope of this lesson to explain the menu del dia because you will have to understand the menu.
(did you know that will google translate you can put your smartphone up to a text and it will translate it)

If you know next to nothing in Spanish just order egg and chips with a beer.
Huevos con patatas fritas con una cerveza.

Here are a few more words to help you.

To attract the attention of the waiter. - Oiga pronounced - OYGA
Fork - Tenedor - pronounced - TENE DOOR
A plate - Un Plato . OON PLATTOE
It is very tasty - ¡que rico! - KAY REEKO
The toilets - Los servicios - LOS SERVITH EE OS
The bill please - La cuenta por favor - LA KWENTA POR FA VOR

Un menu in Spanish - pronounced MEN OO (Not MEN YOU) means a fixed price meal (not a menu)
A menu (list of all food) is called - la carta pronounced - LA CARR TA
A nice drink in the summer is - Tinto de verano - pronounced TIN TOE DE BERR ARNO - It is red wine with soda.

If you want to lean more click here for a page of SURVIVAL SPANISH

Getting around in Granada / Re: SN1 - How to buy ticket - How much ?
« Last post by Steven Wellington on June 21, 2017, 11:19:22 PM »
The price is 1.20 euros.
You can buy the ticket on the bus.
It is best to pay in cash.

It is best to have the exact fare.
They may refuse to take large bank notes.

Just go out of the bus station and the SN1 bustop is in front of you.
For the centre of Granada most people get off at the Catedral.
The journey takes about 18 minutes.

There is more info about buses here:

and maps of the main routes here.

I answered a similar question here

Getting around in Granada / SN1 - How to buy ticket - How much ?
« Last post by Ashley on June 21, 2017, 11:11:14 PM »
I want to get the SN1 from the bus station to the centre of Granada.

How does the ticket cost?
Where do I buy the ticket, on the bus or at the station?
Do you need exact change when paying the driver?

Cockroaches can be a problem in Spain I once had a friend in Madrid and when we went up the dimly lit stairs after a night out our shoes crunched on cockroaches on every step, disgusting!!!

In the south of Spain mid May is the worst time of year for cockroaches because they like warm temperatures and at the onset of summer they go exploring in search of new sources of food and for new places to live. It is at this time of year that people may notice cockroaches scuttling around in their houses. Most people are horrified to see a cockroach and will immediately go out and buy anti cockroach devices in the supermarket. The most common device is a small plastic roach trap which contains some poison, also they are aerosol sprays. The problem is that almost immediately the problem gets much worse because many dead or dying cockroaches appear.

Normally the cockroaches are nocturnal and in a domestic house they come out at night and feed on crumbs and food that has been left out. Cockroaches prefer dark places and can live for a long time without food and with little water. Many people are unaware that they actually have a cockroach problem because the cockroaches can hear you coming and hide before they are seen.  So it is very important to maintain scrupulous cleanliness in the kitchen. Never leave food out, always clean crumbs away and don't let anything edible remain on the floor especially in difficult to access places such as the side of a cooker. It may be a good idea to do a deep clean of your kitchen to make sure that there is nothing edible under the kitchen units or the fridge etc. I once lived in a house in the Albaicin and on a couple of occasions 15 or 20 dead or dying cockroaches appeared in the bathroom. Outside the bathroom was a drain cover that had a gap in it. I went to the hardware shop and bought some fine plastic mesh  and stuffed it into the hole. There were hundred of roaches in the drain, the only way to stop them was to make a physical barrier. So make sure that it is impossible for a cockroach to enter your house. This is never 100% certain because they can fly.

The problem if you have airbnb guests is that if you use poisons the problem will get worse before it gets better because your guests will see dead and dying cockroaches.  A way around this is to use a non poisonous trap. The best one I have used is the Vegas Roach Trap. It can be as simple as a large glass with some water, sugar and coffee grounds in the bottom. The roaches climb into the glass and then drown in the water. Just put "Vegas Roach Trap" into google there are plans for much more complicated ones. Put the trap in a place that can't be seen like a locked cupboard and empty it every few days. If you have a bad infestation you can get 10 or 15 cockroaches in a night using that method.

You will have to accept that is you live in Spain you will probably never completely get rid of cockroaches, there will always be 2 or 3 every year. People who come from the north of Europe will be freaked out just by the sight of one cockroach. You could say that if you can't cope with the occasional cockroach don't come to Spain. On the other hand any householder should take all steps to eradicate them and if you rent your house out the guests you will have to be very vigilant. In other parts of the world they are eaten as a delicacy.

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