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What to do in Granada / luxury retreat bali
« Last post by Shanewatson on March 03, 2015, 12:53:09 AM »
i am looking for best package for retreat in bali. can you help me in selecting the best agency that offer best package at an affordable price..
If you haven't been able to buy Alhambra tickets all may not be lost.
You can go and get in a queue early in the morning because they hold 2000 tickets back for sale on the day.

But what is the earliest you can start queueing?

I just phoned the Alhambra and they say that the Alhambra opens to the public at 8.30 but it is best to get into the queue at 8am.

I suppose on days of very high demand like Easter it may be a good idea to get there a little earlier.

Also don't forget that it is sometimes possible to buy tickets directly from the yellow machines with a card.
I would recommend that you have one person in the queue and one person trying to buy a ticket at the machines.

You can see pictures of the yellow machines here.

Some of these companies currently do not offer service in Malaga, but there are new ones that offer good prices and the same guarantees.

In the last year have appeared a few white markings companies owned by multinationals. And others like or encompassing all companies known smaller agencies Malaga.

Not bad updated, because although the post is old, the link is generated for long ...

Greetings and thanks
Miscellaneous / Re: Where can I find a camera or computer shop in Granada?
« Last post by Steven Wellington on September 02, 2014, 12:43:30 AM »
First of all you can fix it with some sellotape.
Just wind  a piece of sellotape around the card tightly.  With this solution you can make the card get stuck inside the camera so it is best to buy a new one.

The best and biggest computer and  shop in Granada is Media Markt but it is right on the edge of the city and would cost you at least 20 euros in taxis to get there and back.

The best place to go is the Corte Ingles department store right in the centre.
They have a camera and computer section on the 3rd floor.
It is opposite the informatica department.

Here is a link to the corte ingles page.

Look at the print out a map link.

Miscellaneous / Where can I find a camera or computer shop in Granada?
« Last post by hudson on September 02, 2014, 12:36:51 AM »
The little plastic thing on my sd memory card for my camera has dropped off and it has made my card read only.

Is there a computer or camera shop in Granada where I can buy a new one?
What to do in Granada / Re: What is a good route for a walking tour of the Albaicín?
« Last post by John on August 22, 2014, 01:52:03 PM »
This is another good page with an itinerary for a walk around the Albayzin here.
Eating in Granada / Eating in Granada
« Last post by granadagirl on August 10, 2014, 09:50:34 AM »
I have been putting together a page about all the eating options in Granada such as
Churros con Chocolate, Tostada con Tomate, Menú del Día, Shawarma, Cakes, Platos Combinados, Vegan Food, Ice cream etc.

Granada has many eating possibilities for every time of day.

If you want to learn more please visit my page.
Eating in Granada
Getting around in Granada / Re: The best place to Park in Realejo
« Last post by granadagirl on August 10, 2014, 08:47:39 AM »
It is very difficult to park for free in the centre of Granada.

There is a very good cheap car park calle the Ave Maria and is very near to the calle Santiago.
The prices for 2 or 3 days are very good.

Here is more info.

Getting around in Granada / The best place to Park in Realejo
« Last post by Kilgore Trout on August 10, 2014, 08:43:17 AM »
I am going to stay in an apartment in the Calle Santiago in the Realejo area on Granada.
Does anyone know the best and cheapest place to park?
Eating in Granada / Re: Tea Houses in Granada
« Last post by granadagirl on August 10, 2014, 08:28:35 AM »
In the last 20 years tea houses have proliferated in Granada.

They are centred mainly around the Caldererias which is a Moroccan street in Granada reminiscent of an Arabic Kasbah.

Most of them serve a wide variety of teas, and they sell cakes and Moroccan delicacies.
Some of them do fixed priced menus although if you look on review sites many people complain a lot about the quality of food
so just stick to the tea and cakes if you are a fussy or demanding eater

The atmosphere is very chilled out and there is relaxing Moroccan music.

Most of them don't serve alcohol.

The waiters are usually laid back and you should not expect to be served very quickly. Maybe this is a cultural thing so don't go if you are in an impatient frame of mind.

You can also partake of a hookah which is a Moroccan smoking pipe.

Flavored tobacco is  created by marinating cuts of tobacco in a multitude of flavored molasses, this is then is put  above the water and covered by pierced foil with hot coals placed on top, and the smoke is drawn through cold water to cool and filter it.
There is no hashish in it.

To see a list of Teterias click on this link.

Tea Houses in Granada

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